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Chain Sprocket Lifespan: Double and Reduce Maintenance Cost

Chain Sprocket Lifespan: Double and Reduce Maintenance Cost


In this blog, I have written my personal experience about increasing my chain and sprocket lifespan to double and saving maintenance costs around 50%. For detail please read once, follow my tactics and share with a bike lover. When I touched 10,000 KM with my bike (Yamaha FZS V 2.0), I noticed some uneven stiff noise from my chain sprocket and a drop in mileage as well as the performance of my bike. I brought my bike to the service center and the mechanic did chain cleaning and advised me to replace the chain sprocket.
Chain Sprocket Lifespan: Double and Reduce Maintenance Cost
Chain Sprocket Image by Republica from Pixabay
Due to the cost of INR 1600 for a new chain sprocket, I decided to ride my bike another 5,000 KM which was very annoying because of the very bad chain response. 

The cost of replacement of chain sprocket was INR 1600 and during 15,000 KM chain cleaned at the service center 10-12 times (average 1500 KM/chain cleaning).

Hence, during this time I paid INR 150*10 = INR 1500 for chain cleaning and another INR 1600 for new chain sprocket replacement.

I was very sad. And then decided to clean the chain by self. 
I went to the market and purchased WD-40 (400ml) and Castrol chain lube (400ml) which cost me around INR 750.

During every 1000-1200 KM, I cleaned my chain. During the rainy season, my cleaning was frequent compared to normal weather conditions.

The procedures I followed:

  • 1st, Take a bike for normal washing at the washing center.
  • Instruct the washerman to wash the chain with a pressurized water jet.
  • After reaching home. I sprayed WD-40 to my chain and left it for 10 min. 
  • After 10 min, cotton waste rubbed out the chain so that rust, grit, and dirt can be cleaned properly.
  • And then, used chain lube spray in the internal portion of the chain. (Try to spray in a way that the lube did not influence the rim and the rear tyre.)
  • During the time of servicing, I never used chain cleaning by a mechanic at the service center
  • By applying these simple procedures I have covered 30,000 KM without any problem. 
  • Due to the fear of sudden breakage to chain by wear I replaced my chain sprocket again while it never hurt me during this 30,000 KM compared to 1st 15,000 KM.

Detailed Cost calculation attached herewith:
Chain Sprocket Lifespan: Double and Reduce Maintenance Cost
Chain Sprocket Cost Calculation

The cost of 1st 15,000 KM was INR 3100 with uncomfortable riding.
And the cost of 2nd & 3rd 15,000 KM was a total of INR 3150 with smooth riding and better mileage.


In this way, I doubled the lifespan of my chain and sprocket from 15,000 KM to 30,000 KM while the cost was 50% low compared to the first 15,000 KM. 

Important tips:

  • You should always oil a chain on the inner circumference of the side that faces the sprockets.
  • Always spray lube after chain cleaning
  • WD-40 and other thin sprays are intended more as solvents than lubricants. They evaporate quickly.
  • For the longest service life, lubricate often.
  • Always keep your chain properly tensioned, neither too tight nor too slack.
  • Clean the grit so that the formation of kinks can be eliminated.
Note: I park my bike in a moderately dusty open area for 8 hours daily.  

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